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Lazy T Cattle Company

Lazy T Cattle Company
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Anthony and Gilbert Tafoya

Gilbert and Anthony Tafoya
Rio Arriba CR 317 HSE 303
Las Nutrias, NM 87067
(505) 470-8056
E-mail: gt_609@hotmail.com

Lazy T Cattle Company is owned by Gilbert and Anthony Tafoya. Situated in Santa Fe and Rio Arriba counties in northcentral New Mexico, the Tafoya's have been raising Angus Plus cattle since 2006. Angus Plus is a high percentage Angus composite with a small percentage of Brahman genetics. The breed was developed for sustainable beef production in the areas where heat, humidity and forage quality are limiting factors. The composite, that is registered through the Red Angus Association of America, couples the early maturity and excellent carcass traits of the Angus breed, with the environmental adaptability, longevity, and efficiency of the Brahman breed.

Lazy T has been testing bulls with the New Mexico Beef Cattle Performance Association since 2009 at both the Tucumcari Bull Test and Top of the Valle High Altitude Bull Test. The Angus Plus bulls have been consistent performers in Tucumcari and as a breed averaged more than three pounds per day of gain on just grass at the 2010 Top of the Valle, which was second amongst five breeds. The Tafoya's strive to produce cattle which will perform to fit the extreme environments of the Southwest which include low elevation arid, native rangelands to high altitude, mountain terrain. Lazy T cattle are bred for calving ease and fertility.

The genetic composition of the Lazy T cowherd includes such bloodlines as Sitz Alliance, Traveler, Connealy Dateline, News Day, Alberda, and Focus.